7 Indicators that your car battery will die soon

7 signs that your car battery is about to die and needs to be replaced (or overhauled)

Without a battery, your car will not function. One of the most unpleasant things in life is when your car battery dies suddenly and unexpectedly! This can cause you to be late for work or miss a necessary appointment!

But the good news is… there are many methods you can use to find out if your car battery is about to die and should be replaced immediately. And this article will cover the 7 signs that your vehicle’s battery is about to give out on you and needs to be replaced or overhauled.

Before we begin, there is something you should be aware of…

Before we have a look at these 7 critical signs, it is important to point out that if there are problems with your car battery, first check the battery connections and cables, because sometimes a faulty connection can be a major problem.

1) Slow-cranking

If your car spins longer than usual when you turn the key or takes a while to “catch”, this is often because the battery charge is low. While the starter may be the culprit, most of the time the battery is to blame. If this happens regularly, it’s a good sign that your car battery is going bad, and it may be time to replace or overhaul the battery.

2) Check engine light/battery warning light

The engine test light is always a good indication that something is wrong with your vehicle. When the battery power is low, the engine indicator light is activated. If your engine indicator light comes on for checking, you should always check the battery level.

Newer cars also have a battery indicator similar to the engine light for checking the engine. This only lights up if there is a problem with the battery.

3) Age

The life of a car battery is about five years when in perfect condition (but can be much longer if you take our battery recycling course). When your battery has reached the five to six-year mark, it is time to start thinking about a replacement or recondition the one that you already have.

4) Problems with electrical components

A sure sign that your battery is beginning to fade is when electrical components have difficulty functioning (such as lights, windshield wipers, electric locks, and windows).

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5) Distorted battery case

If you pop the hood and your battery case looks swollen or distorted, bloated, or deformed, this is a sign that the temperature has affected the chemical components of the battery, shortening its life.

6) Smell

If you notice a rotten egg smell under the hood, this usually indicates a battery that is leaking acid. This acid can corrode and damage other engine components if not dealt with quickly. If you notice this, you can take your battery to a workshop and have it checked, or you can take advantage of our overhaul steps and do it yourself.

7) Several starting aids required

If you need to bypass your battery

If you want to use your car more than three times a week, it is time to replace the battery or have it overhauled. Excessive battery jumping can damage other systems, so it is best to have the battery replaced or repair the battery yourself.

Regular maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your car battery (and your vehicle). And if your car battery shows any of these 7 signs, you know your battery should be replaced or reconditioned before your car stops running.


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